Reinventing The Wheel

About the Author

David studied Information Communication Technology Engineering at the University of Technology, Sydney.
During the course of his studies he received a scholarship which allowed him to complete an exchange year at the Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology, Germany (2008).
While he was on exchange David worked at Starbucks part time in addition to studying engineering full time.
After the completion of his exchange year, David secured an internship at Karlsruhe Technology Consulting (2010).
During his time there, David worked to develop software using WPF and acted as a translator between German and English speakers.
Upon his return to Sydney, David completed his degree and graduated with 2nd class honours (2012).
He is currently working for Avanade as a software consultant.
In June 2013 David was flown to Seattle, USA to help his team present their entry for the Avanade Innovation Competition. Out of 333 entries, his team ended up coming 3rd and won $5000.
In his spare time he enjoys unicycling, rock climbing, and programming. He's also a keen snowboarder and tries to go snowboarding in New Zealand when he has the money.

You can view my certifications here.

Email me at dklempfner at gmail dot com and check out my GitHub page.

My resume can be downloaded here.

----FUN FACTS----
David has been on Triple J, Australia's Got Talent, and Sunrise, for speaking backwards, an interesting skill he's had since he was a teenager.
Google "Backwards Dave" for more info.
David represented Australia in unicycle hockey at the world championships in Spain, July 2016.
David was a contestant on Channel 7's Australian Spartan TV show in 2018.