Reinventing The Wheel

About Reinventing The Wheel

"Reinventing The Wheel" is a phrase that means to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created. In programming, it is considered to be bad as it wastes time (why write code for something which already exists?)

However, learning low level concepts, and creating things from scratch, can not only teach you how higher level functions work, it can also give you a deeper understanding, and appreciation for programming and technology in general.

Unfortunately, engineering and computer science courses don't teach low level computing and how it relates to high level computing.
They miss the beauty of the big picture, and fail to appreciate the numerous and very rich interfaces and contracts that happen in the background that create the very fabric that technology is based on.

This website is an attempt to teach how a computer works on a low level and how higher level computing relates to it, to turn it from a black box into a white box.

It will start off with the basics of logic gates, and go up to teaching some concepts in .NET. You will learn what is going on "behind the scenes", something which they don't seem to teach at uni..

The more I learn about low level computing, the more I'll add to this website. However if you have any tutorials or feedback you'd like to add to this site, please contact me